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Overall Curriculum Aims

At Field End Junior School, we are proud of our exciting, engaging and purposeful curriculum that is relevant to our children. Our broad and balanced curriculum is carefully crafted, planned, resourced and sequenced, so that our children develop their academic, social and cultural capital and become knowledgeable in current affairs and global matters.
We value the development of the whole child and encourage them to be ambitious for their future. With this in mind, we have divided our curriculum into two aspects; Academic Excellence and Bright Futures.
Our children are not just learners – they are explorers, investigators, enthusiasts, performers, decision makers, contributors, creators, role models, readers, valued members of society, and ultimately the future of our community and the world beyond.
Our Overall Curriculum Aims are:
  • To provide opportunities for all children to learn and achieve, irrespective of social background, culture, race, gender, or differences in ability or disabilities in a safe and healthy environment.
  • To equip our children to be effective learners by taking risks and challenging themselves in all aspects of their development.
  • To provide an extensive, well-rounded curriculum with an emphasis on developing basic skills in preparation for the next stage of education and enable each child to know and remember more.
  • To ensure each one of our children understands and embraces modern British values and associated issues in society.
  • To ensure that there are strong transition procedures in place to ensure continuity in learning as the children join year 3. 
Our Academic Excellence Curriculum enables our children to become
Mastery Learners who have fluency and accuracy in key skills and concepts. Our curriculum is structured to build on prior knowledge and draw out key concepts/information that children should retain. It is reviewed regularly to meet the needs of all of our children.
Confident Orators who can think, learn, reason, explore, communicate, create and influence. We promote the development of strong oracy skills as the children move through the school. There are many opportunities for children to discuss, share their views and debate. The development of vocabulary and use of sentence stems is a focus in every year group. Beyond the classroom, the Junior Leadership Programme provides children with the opportunity to present to their peers.  Children are encouraged to present in assemblies and whole school events.
Active Learners who are motivated, independent and make connections academically. Collaborative learning is at the heart of our curriculum, it demands that all children to play an active role in their learning and take responsibility for it. Through our first wave teaching, we encourage children to refer to previous learning and apply concepts and skills they have learnt in a new situation.
Each topic taught is underpinned by a high quality text. We recognise that reading unlocks a wealth of knowledge and new experiences. With this in mind, we are ambitious for each child to become a Lifelong Reader who is constantly learning new things with each turn of the page.
Through the delivery of our Bright Futures curriculum, our aim for each child as they leave Field End Junior School is to be:
  • Resilient:, emotionally, socially and physically.
  • Able to make safe and healthy choices.
  • Have a sense of responsibility or concern for the problems and injustices of society.
  • Be equipped to be imaginative, creative, knowledgeable global citizens.
  • Take risks and be determined to achieve their goals.
  • See the world as their classroom
We achieve these aims through the provision of
  • An engaging curriculum that inspires a curiosity and fascination about the world in all children.
  • Opportunities for children to be physically fit and understand safe and healthy choices.
  • A curriculum that has a local, national and global perspective
  • A behaviour for learning policy that promotes a safe and respectful culture inside and outside school.
  • Opportunities and experiences to inspire children in different skills and future careers, widening their cultural capital and horizons.
  • Weekly assemblies that promote the key values of the school, reward and celebrate successes and achievements
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