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Homework at Field End Junior School

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At Field End Junior School, we believe that home learning should complement the learning and teaching happening during the school day. Good homework consolidates and reinforces pupils’ understanding and knowledge; provides an opportunity for parents and carers to share in their child’s learning and supports the development of lifelong learning habits.
Our approach to homework follows four key principles:
1. Homework is purposeful.
2. All children can access the homework
3. Children understand the value of the work set and this is reflected in the quality of what they produce.
4. Children are accountable for completing their homework to a good standard and on time.
Children complete tasks which relate to the curriculum content they are studying and encourages them to build on or consolidate their learning in class.
At Field End Junior we aim to ensure that children have adequate access to homework tasks and encourage families to engage with the school where there are difficulties with devices, internet access or lack of an adequate learning space at home so that we can provide support. We are keen to support all families in ensuring that children can access a wide range of books.
Teachers ensure that children can access the tasks set: homework tasks may be challenging but must be independently achievable. We would encourage families to get in touch when work is too hard or children do not understand what to do. Tasks are adapted to meet different children’s needs where appropriate.
Teachers also aim to ensure that tasks follow recognised, simple and familiar formats and routines so that children are less likely to misunderstand a task.
Teachers link homework to classroom work for more effective learning. Children thereby understand that the work they complete at home has an impact on their progress at school. Teachers explicitly share the reasons for setting particular tasks to encourage pupils to appreciate the learning value of their homework.  
Children at Field End Junior School are expected to complete homework tasks on time and to a standard which teachers would expect of them at school. Pupils are given time to present their Power Projects and other home learning to the class and answer questions on what they have learnt.
Tasks set on online platforms such as TT Rockstars and Spelling Shed are regularly monitored by teachers. Pupils are given timely feedback on their achievement and level of engagement.
 2023/24 Expectations for homework
Children complete a range of short tasks over the week.
Approximate timings over the week:
  • Year 3 and 4 – 1 to 1.5 hours per week in addition to daily home reading
  • Year 5 and 6 – 1.5 to 2 hours per week in addition to daily home reading
Homework will include:
● My Maths
● Spagtastic
● Spelling Shed
● Times Table Rockstars
● Learn spellings for Friday spelling check
● Power project tasks – some of these are set homework tasks and some will be optional. Teachers will make this clear to parents, carers and pupils.
As children move into Year 6 they will be given additional activities to prepare them for SATs and secondary school.
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