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Online Safety at Field End Junior School

Children’s online safety at school and at home is very important to us and we do all we can to ensure children are:

  • Educated to understand how to keep safe online
  • Understand how to make good use of technology at an age-appropriate level
  • Are developing the digital skills to become confident global citizens

Advice for Parents

The following websites are very useful if you want more information or are worried about your child’s use of social media and technology:

The NSPCC have an online safety quiz you can do with your child to start the conversation here:


If you’re stuck, not sure what to do, or if you’re worried about your child, you can also contact their trained helpline counsellors on 0808 800 5000.

We are pleased to be able to offer our drop-in coffee mornings for parents and carers run by a variety of outside agencies, including our local Metropolitan police team who advise on digital safety for children.    


Supporting children

We educate children to be safe online through our computing and PSHE curriculum and through online safety assemblies, which we run each half term.  Children are taught:
  • how to recognise and respond to cyberbullying
  • how to evaluate online content for bias and accuracy
  • when to seek adult help and who they can go to
  • how to be kind and respectful online
We have a team of nominated Digital Ambassadors.  Their role involves:
  • Attending a meeting each half term to plan for online safety
  • Speaking to their class about keeping safe online
  • Discussing and problem solving with their class in circle time
  • Sharing posters and other information with their class
Please see our Online Safety and Acceptable Use of Technology policy here for more information.
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