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Junior Leadership Programme

At Field End Junior School, we believe in giving every pupil a voice and developing skills that will benefit them as they move into secondary school and beyond. The children's leadership programme provides pupils with the opportunity to take a leadership role within the school and have responsibility for developing aspects of school life.

At the beginning of each year, a number of elections are held to vote pupils inot the leadership roles. The election process begins with the elections of the following positions:

Head Boy and Girl

Deputy Head Boy and Girl

House Captains

The year 6 pupils that are interested in being elected to these roles are invited to prepare a speech that they deliver to their peers at a whole school assembly. Each class then votes for the candidate that they think would be the most effective at representing them. 


2023/24 Junior leadership Team 

Head Girl  : Charlotte                            Head Boy : Martin 

Deputy Head Girl: Rosie                        Deputy Head Boy: Yohaan 


2023/23 House Captains 

Malala: Ianis and Ella 

Rashford : Jake and Kyrah 

Attenborough: Jack and Skye 

Jackson : Jaiden and Grace 


2023/24 Rights Respecting School Council 

Year 3 : Abinesh, Haris, Ava 

Year 4 : Mia , Harshaa, Sanam 

Year 5 : Danujan , Amelia , Advay 

Year 6 : Charlotte , Martin , Rosie , Yohaan  


Following these elections, the positions below are elected. This gives the pupils the opportunity to experience democracy first hand. 

1.  Digital Ambassadors

How often do you meet? Once per half term - additional meetings when needed

How were the children selected for the group? Application form

What are the aims of the group?

Raise awareness of online safety amongst their peers

Canvass opinions and ideas from classmates regarding technology and social media

Facilitate discussions in class to education and inform - e.g. devise questionnaires and surveys

2. Eco Warriors and Monitors (in place spring 1 2024) 

How often do you meet? – Every 2 weeks

How were the children selected for the group? The children had to write (500 words) about why they should be chosen. They had to consider being more sustainable in school and what they could do to make a difference. Eco Warriors are from Y5 and Y6.


“The Eco Warriors are here so that everyone in school thinks about keeping ourselves and our environment green and clean, and to make the class, school, local community and the world a better place in which to live.”  From one of the applicants


Eco Monitors ( 1 in every class) : These children are to monitor wastage in the class. They are to check on lights, windows, doors and water taps etc. Every class chose their own monitor, children were given a badge.

What are the aims of the group?

The Eco Warriors care about our school, community, our locality and the world. They look after our Environment so that we can enjoy a bright sustainable future.

Their primary aims are:

  1. To learn about and raise awareness of current environmental issues

  2. To understand why it is important to look after our resources in the school, community and the world

  3.  To be pro-active and take action for our environment.

3.  Rights Respecting School Council

How often do you meet? Every 2 weeks

How were the children selected for the group? The children completed an application form to explain why they felt they would be a good council representative and how they could support their peers. The applications were reviewed and filtered down to 6 children per class by the Young Leadership Team. These children then gave their speeches to their classes. A polling station was set up in reception overseen by the Young Leadership Team. Each child was presented with a polling slip to select their choice of candidate. The slips were counted and verified by the YLT and myself.

What are the aims of the group? To provide an opportunity for the children’s voices to be heard. Council representatives will communicate with their classes and discuss suggestions for improvements as well as having the opportunity to share their thoughts on how their wellbeing could be improved within the school environment. These will be discussed at council meetings and members will then vote and discuss how these ideas can be taken forward.

4.  Sports Leaders (in place from  spring 1) 

How often do you meet? As and when required.

How were the children selected for the group? Children were asked to complete application forms where they had to fill in why they wanted to be a sport leader. They were asked to outline the skills and experience they could bring to the role and any ideas they had for how to improve sport across the school. 

What are the aims of the group? To raise the profile of Sport across the school, give the children a sense of responsibility and ownership of their roles. They acted as role models for sports for the younger children and other students in year 6. Provide support for teacher and PE lead in setting up lessons, handing out permission slips, gathering teams for sports days

5. Friendship Champions 

How often do you meet? Weekly at Friendship Club

How were the children selected for the group? Children were asked to complete application forms where they had to fill in why they wanted to be a friendship champion and give examples of how someone could be a good friend. After looking at all of the application forms, I selected children who I believed had put a lot of thought into their form and had thought carefully about the qualities of a good friend. I have at least one representative from each class (apart from 6M as nobody applied) and ensured that there was a mixture of girls and boys.  

What are the aims of the group? To focus on positive friendships within the school and ensuring that everyone has friends and has support to make new friends if needed. The children are going to meet and think of different things we can do in school to promote positive friendships e.g. an extra buddy bench on the track, friendship buddies on the playgrounds, friendship club at lunchtimes. 



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