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connected curriculum

Field End Junior School - connected curriculum

At Field End Junior School, we are proud of our exciting, engaging and purposeful curriculum that is relevant to our children.
Our broad and balanced curriculum is carefully crafted, planned, resourced and sequenced. Our aim is for the children develop their academic, social and cultural capital and become knowledgeable in current affairs and global matters.

We value the development of the whole child. Our children are not just learners – they are explorers, investigators, enthusiasts, performers, decision makers, contributors, creators, role models, readers, valued members of society, and ultimately the future of our community and the world beyond.
Aims of the Field End Junior School Connected Curriculum
  • Provide opportunities for all children to learn and achieve, irrespective of social background, culture, race, gender, or differences in ability or disabilities in a safe and healthy environment.
  • To equip our children to be effective learners by taking risks and challenging themselves in all aspects of their development.
  • Provide an extensive, well-rounded curriculum with an emphasis on developing basic skills in preparation for the next stage of education.
  • To encourage them to be ambitious about their future
  • Provide a curriculum that encourages children to extend their interests beyond school.
  • Provide a coherent, connected, carefully sequenced curriculum in every subject area designed to enable children to know more and remember more.
  • To ensure the curriculum includes clear planned opportunities for children to thrive together and understand that individual characteristics make people unique in a positive way.
  • Ensure each one of our children understands and embraces modern British values and associated issues in society.
Please click on the relevant year group page in the Learning and Curriculum section to find out more about the termly plans and knowledge organisers.

Curriculum Subjects and Overview

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Art Geography History Music
Modern Foreign Language PE PSHE RE
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